Chapter 1: Delving into Origins (Sample this chapter online)>>>

Chapter 2: Coffee's Garden of Eden

Chapter 3: The Sufi Connection

Chapter 4: Egyptian Chrysalis

Chapter 5: The Ottoman Launch Pad

Chapter 6: Discovery of Coffee by the East India Company

Chapter 7: Coffee's Entry into Europe

Chapter 8: Development of the Western Coffee Culture

Chapter 9: Sourcing the Bean

Chapter 10: Coffee is Colonised

Chapter 11: The Genie Uncorked and Unbottled

Chapter 12: Coffeehouses in the 18th Century

Chapter 13: A Tale of Two Countries: Haiti and Ceylon

Chapter 14: Birth of the Coffee Republic

Chapter 15: Coffee Comes of Age

Chapter 16: The Colossus of the North

Chapter 17: Cafes of the Belle Epoque (Sample this chapter online)>>>

Chapter 18: Coffee and the Temperance Movement

Chapter 19: The Coffee Zone

Chapter 20: Instant Buzz (Sample this chapter online)>>>

Chapter 21: Coffee in Crisis

Chapter 22: Espresso! (Sample this chapter online)>>>

Chapter 23: Rise of the New Coffee Empires

Chapter 24: Coffee Cultures of the Far East

Chapter 25: China

Chapter 26: Virtual coffee, Biodynamics and Artisan cafes




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