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Café Magazines Guide to Amsterdam

An interactive guide to the best bohemian hangouts in town. Our aim is to uncover the hidden highlights of the city, from past to present, giving you an insiders taste of this stunning capital.

Written and designed by an intergenerational team of artists and journalists, this travel CDROM is a must for anyone interested in or visiting Amsterdam.
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Sasha Dumont's Amsterdam

underground mystery about the birth pangs of the new Europe.

Follow Sasha Dumont as he tries to prove the innocence of his old friend. A journey that takes him from the western isles of Amsterdam to the artistic hub of the CoBrA movement.
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Archives of Café Magazine

Café Magazine is the original coffeehouse magazine on the World Wide Web begun over a decade ago as an experimental mix of electronic communication and caffeinated bohemia. Our archives go right back to the wide eyed days of 1994 and includes information no longer online.

Over the years we have grown from a localised project exchanging information on the burgeoning café scene to an international resource on the history and development of the coffee culture. With this CD ROM you have a rare chance to view our complete archives at your leisure.
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Our CDROM includes:

Café Magazines Guide to Amsterdam

The e-novel - Sasha Dumont's Amsterdam

Archives of Café Magazine

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