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Coffee Beans May Be Newest Stress-Buster

Just sniffing that first hot cup of coffee in the morning may help ease some stresses you might be feeling. When rats inhaled the aroma of roasted coffee beans, a number of genes were activated, including some that produce proteins with healthful antioxidant activity, the researchers reported.

India Coffee Prices Rise On Demand, Low Arrivals

Prices rose at the Indian Coffee Trade Association auction on higher export demand and low arrivals due to monsoon. India's coffee exports rose 3.6 percent during the first five months of 2008 on good export demand from European countries and a weak rupee.

Starbucks Expands International Business

Starbucks is trying to boost its European business by opening 150 new locations in Britain, France and Germany over the next three years in a deal with British group SSP as the chain struggles with a slow US economy. The new shops will open at airports and railway stations.

San Francisco’s Favorite Small-batch Roasters

Readers’ choice of new generation specialty coffee micro-roasters in SF Bay Area..

The Art of Selling Luxury Coffee in a Slowdown

What can a coffee business selling $4 lattes do when consumers have a gorilla grip on their every dollar?

Brazil Releases Further $382 Million for Coffee Crop

Brazil's national coffee development fund, Funcafe, disbursed a further 624 million reais ($382 million) to banks and other institutions on Wednesday to finance the 2008/09 coffee harvest, the agriculture ministry said.

Scandinavians Still Top Coffee Drinkers

Scandinavians will keep the top global spot for coffee consumption per head, thanks to a Starbucks-style revolution that has made coffee drinkers of a youthful generation,

Tempest In A Coffee Cup

Israeli café workers form union to fight for higher pay and better working conditions.

Indy Coffee Roasters Focus on Quality Brew

New generation coffee companies find ready market in the San Francisco Bay Area for custom-roasted specialty blends.

Sustainable Coffee Program Booming

New York-based Rainforest Alliance, an international nonprofit conservation group, certifies farms that meet specific criteria aimed to produce what it calls "sustainable" agricultural products. The process is designed to benefit the environment, farmers and their communities. Coffee purchases from Rainforest certified farms has grown by an average of 93 percent annually since 2003, when the figure sat at 7 million lbs. In 2007, 91.3 million pounds of certified coffee were bought, Rainforest Alliance said.June.

Kenyan Coffee Fetches Highest Ever Price

Kenyan specialty AA grade coffee has fetched $1,138 per 50-kilogramme bag, the highest price ever paid for Kenya coffee using the direct sales system, a Kenyan exporter said on Friday.

India Coffee Prices Rise

Prices rose at the Indian Coffee Trade Association auction on Thursday due to rising domestic demand and falling arrivals, traders said on Friday. Arrivals of both arabica and robusta have come down with the end of the harvesting season and this was supporting the prices, said another trader. However, prices are likely to fall in coming days as arrivals from Brazil, the world's largest producer and exporter, will start next month, traders said.

Brazilian Coffee's Defense Fund Gets $1.3 Billion from Government

The Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture and the National Monetary Council (CMN) allocated around 2.2 billion Brazilian reais (US$ 1.3 billion) to the Coffee Economy Defense Fund (Funcafé). The amount is destined for operations in financing, harvesting, storage and purchase of the grain in the year of 2008.

Vietnam 08/09 Coffee Output 21.5 Million Bags

Vietnam's coffee production is forecast to rise to 21.5 million (60-kg) bags during the 2008/2009 crop year. Improved weather conditions, higher yields and a larger crop area will boost production 23 percent compared with a year earlier.

Starbucks Paid More For Coffee In 2007

Starbucks paid an average price of $1.43 a pound for coffee in fiscal 2007, according to its corporate social responsibility report released today. That's a penny higher than the year before and 15 cents above its average price in 2005, according to reports from earlier years. From 2002 through 2004, it paid $1.20 a pound.

Strauss Buys Coffee Business In Albania, Kosovo

Israel's Strauss Group said on Wednesday it agreed to acquire from Italy's Doncafe its operations in Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia for 7.5 million euros ($11.60 million). The operations had sales of 4.5 million euros in 2007, mainly in the area of espresso and specialty coffee drinks and the activities are profitable, Strauss said in a statement to the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.

Costa Coffee To Roast Beans In Bangalore

Costa Coffee, an Italian style coffee brand which is a part of British leisure group Whitbread, will soon start roasting its coffee beans in Bangalore for the Indian market. The company, which owns 1,030 coffee outlets across 18 countries, is growing at a rate of five new stores a week.

Ethiopia Puts Logo On Hottest Export

BThe Ethiopian government commissioned Brandhouse to come up with a logo that will make consumers feel like they are drinking a luxury when they have Ethiopian coffee. This month, the Ethiopian government is releasing the logos for three varieties of Ethiopian coffee beans that it hopes will eventually appear from the burlap sacks that are used to transport coffee beans to coffee cups in cafes. It is the first time the country has introduced a brand for its major export.

Starbucks Says Weak Economy Hampering Business But New Coffee Bumps Up Sales

Starbucks Corp Chief Executive says he has seen an "incremental bump in sales" from its new Pike Place daily coffee.. "It's helped traffic but the burden that we're under is significant," said CEO Howard Schultz, who is charged with turning around the coffee seller's U.S. business, which is hampered by a weak economy..

Ethiopia Expands Export Market to Russia

After several months of trade negotiations in the joint Russian-Ethiopian economic commission, Russia is considering allowing Ethiopia to bring in its different brands of aromatic coffees on a preferential basis, as Ethiopia seeks to diversify from its traditional markets in the United States, Britain and other parts of Europe. .

Coffee May Protect Against Breast Cancer, Study Shows

Depending on which variant of a certain gene a woman has, a coffee consumption rate of at least two-three cups a day can either reduce the total risk of developing breast cancer or delay the onset of cancer. This is shown in new research from Lund University and Malmö University in Sweden

Brazil May Offer Subsidy to Arabica Coffee Growers

Brazil, the world's biggest coffee producer, may give arabica growers a subsidy at government-run auctions this year to ensure a minimum price after the harvest starts in June.

Starbucks Sees First Annual Profit Decline in 8 Years

Starbucks Corp., the world's biggest chain of coffee shops, forecast its first annual profit decline in eight years as sales at U.S. stores slowed, causing the shares to drop 11 percent in late Nasdaq trading.

German Coffee Roaster Plans East Europe Expansion

Germany's largest coffee roaster Tchibo plans to open over 400 coffee shops in east Europe with countries earmarked for expansion including Russia, Ukraine and Romania,

Gourmet Coffee Culture Thrives in New York

While New Yorkers were once satisfied with a quick cup of deli java, demand for specialty coffee bars and expert baristas is growing, coffee experts claim. New independent cafes have sprung up in the city, roasting their own beans and using the latest by-the-cup techniques to brew espresso-based beverages.

Asian Coffee Prices Down

Asian coffee prices drifted lower in the week to Tuesday as growers and exporters in Vietnam reduced prices ahead of the Indonesian crop, and contracts on the benchmark London futures exchange dropped.

Tempe Arizona’s 24-hour Coffee Shop

Every Friday and Saturday, Xtreme Bean coffee shop stays open 24 hours to cater to the local night owls looking for a coffee fix. The cafe originally closed at 2 a.m. but within months the store began to keep its doors open all night allowing students to combine their caffeine cravings with a late wireless hotspot.

Saudis Buy More Industrialised Coffee From Brazil

Brazilian exports of ground and milled coffee to Saudi Arabia grew 316% in volume and 291.8% in revenues in the first quarter this year, compared with the same period in 2007. The Arab country was the 12th largest buyer of coffee sold under Brazilian brands in foreign countries.

Security Concerns Stop Coffee Growers From Harvesting

Military restrictions on civilians in Timor-Leste are putting the multi-million dollar coffee industry in jeopardy as authorities have ordered growers to stay away from their plantations, preventing them from preparing for the annual May coffee bean harvest.

Historic Budapest Coffee Houses Revived

The coffee houses of Budapest, famous gathering spots for thinkers and writers, are making a comeback.

Increasing Sophistication of Coffee Drinkers Good for Producers

As consumers in India and China develop a taste for the drink, prices are likely to keep rising. Meanwhile something new is happening in developed markets. Europeans, Americans and Japanese are switching to higher-quality coffee. Discerning consumers now demand authenticity: they want stories about where their coffee beans come from. So the best coffees will increasingly be differentiated, like fine wines and spirits, and sold at previously unthinkable prices.

Speciality Coffee Supplier Plans Cafe Chain

J Rodrigues Coffee, a family-run coffee plantation company, is the latest among growers to move up the value chain by setting up a cafe in Bangalore.

Mexican and Central American Coffee Markets Still Slow

Physical trading picked up this week in the cash arabica coffee markets of Mexico and Central America, but overall business was slow despite a healthy flow of offers, traders said Friday.

Historic and contemporary cards portraying coffee culture at its best...more>>

Strauss to Buy Russian Coffee Company

Strauss Group Ltd., Israel's biggest food company, has agreed to purchase the coffee brands of Cosant Enterprises Ltd. in Russia and Ukraine for $93 million. The roasted and grounded brands, including Chornaya Karta and Kaffa, will be integrated into Strauss's coffee operations in the Confederation of Independent States region

Coffee Farmers to be Paid on Delivery

The Kenya Planters’ Co-operative Union Saturday announced plans to pay coffee farmers cash on delivery of the commodity. The organisation’s managing director, Mr Peter Kimani, said the policy will be implemented under the new Instant Coffee Delivery Advance Programme..

Workers, Wi-fi and Coffee Shops: The Perfect Blend

A quarter of workers now take advantage of wi-fi hotspots, working remotely from a coffee shop at least one day per week to escape the interruptions of the office.

Volatility in Coffee Market

Arabica coffee prices were subject to downward adjustments during March. The monthly average of the ICO composite indicator price fell marginally from 138.82 cent per lb in February to 136.17 cent per lb in March.

Coffee Berry as a Skincare Ingredient's article, "CoffeeBerry: A Wakeup for the Skin," explains how the nutrient-rich fruit or berries of the coffee plant can help to rejuvenate and refresh the skin. more>>>

Animal Dung Coffee at £50 ($100) a Cup

A gourmet coffee blended from animal droppings is being sold at a London department store for £50 per cup. Jamaican Blue Mountain and the Kopi Luwak bean are used to create Caffe Raro which is thought to be the most expensive cup of coffee in the world. more>>>

Coffee Reduces Alzheimer's Risk

Scientists say drinking a cup of coffee a day reduces the risk of developing memory loss in aging individuals and Alzheimer's suffers. According to the study published in the Journal of Neuroinflammation, caffeine cuts the risk of dementia by blocking the disruptive effects of cholesterol on the brain. more>>>

Coffee Futures Gain as Dollar Falls

Coffee futures for May delivery increased by 0.5 percent or 0.6 cent to $1.319 a pound on ICE Futures U.S. formerly the New York Board of Trade. more>>>

Brazil Coffee Exports Decline 5.4 Percent in March

Coffee exports from Brazil, the world's biggest producer, fell 5.4 percent in March from a month earlier, Brazil's Coffee Exporters Council said. Brazil shipped 1.72 million bags of coffee beans last month, compared with 1.82 million bags a month earlier,. more>>>

From McMuffins to McLattes

McDonald's chases gourmet coffee market - plans massive restaurant upgrade. more>>>

Trouble Brewing in Coffee Market

Global coffee prices have declined over the past two weeks from what was a 10-year high but what the next three to six months holds in coffee is anybody's guess. Global coffee prices skyrocketed over the first three months of this year, but then dropped by about 40 cents per pound over the past two weeks to close Thursday at $1.33, according to, a Web site that tracks commodity prices. More>>>

India Coffee Prices Ease on Sluggish Global Markets

Indian coffee prices eased at the Indian Coffee Trade Association auction on Thursday tracking weak global markets and sluggish export demand, traders said on Friday.The arabica plantation grade fetched 5,250 rupees to 5,957 rupees per 50 kg bag, compared with 5,400 rupees to 6,100 rupees in the previous auction  more>>>

Rwanda: Coffee Farmers Form Alliance

Rwanda coffee farmers are to start a marketing alliance in a bid to have collective efforts towards marketing coffee on the international market.The alliance comes at a time when different coffee farmers' cooperatives and exporters have been working independently and competing against each other. More>>>

Price of Folgers Coffee Dropping

Procter & Gamble said it is dropping the list prices of its Folgers ground coffee by 6.5% because of falling prices for unprocessed coffee beans. It was the first price cut in 2-1/2 years .The nation's largest consumer-goods maker most recently hiked some Folgers coffee prices on Feb. 11 and March 3. More>>>

No Ban on Genetically Modified Coffee

Hawaii won't ban genetically altered coffee, a decision that worries growers of the Kona coffee brand who want to keep it pure. Lawmakers instead seek a study into the benefits and risks of such altered crops State lawmakers shelved a bill recently that would have prohibited growing genetically modified coffee in Hawaii until 2012. More>>>

Increased Coffee Intake Decreases Risk of Gout

The more coffee that men drink, the lower their risk of developing gout, according to one recent study. Drinking one to three cups of coffee a day lowered gout risk by only 8 percent, but drinking four to five cups a day dropped the risk by 40 percent. And real java junkies, those who drank six cups a day or more, had nearly a 60 percent lower risk of developing gout. More>>>

Brazil Coffee Crop May Climb to 55 Million Bags

Coffee output in Brazil, the world's biggest producer, will top a government forecast and may reach 55 million bags because rains and fertilizers boosted yields, the head of Brazil's biggest commodities brokerage said. Output from the April-October harvest will surpass 50 million bags, more than the government's Jan. 8 forecast of 41.3 million to 44.2 million bags.  more>>>

World Coffee Exports Fall by 9.4 Percent

Global coffee exports saw a decline of 9.4 percent to 74.6 lakh bags in January due to a sharp fall in Vietnam's export orders, International Coffee Organisation said. The world's second largest coffee exporter, Vietnam, saw a whooping fall in its exports of 46.91 per cent. Its total exports dipped to 12.18 lakh bags in January 2008 compared to 22.95 lakh bags in the year-ago period, International Coffee Organisation (ICO) data showed. more>>>

Robusta Coffee Surges 30% as Farmers Hoard Crops

Robusta coffee headed for a fifth weekly advance in London, the longest rally in more than eight months, on signs farmers are hoarding crops and speculators are increasing purchases. Cocoa rose and white sugar declined. Robusta traded in London has surged a record 30 percent this year as reduced sales by growers in Vietnam, the biggest producer of the variety, drove the price for a kilogram of coffee in Daklak province to the highest in at least two years.   more>>>

More Anti-Oxidants in Torrefacto Coffee

Torrefacto-roasted coffee has higher anti-oxidant properties than other coffees, a study at the University of Navarra in Spain found. The study showed that the addition of sugar during the roasting process increases the development of compounds with high anti-oxidant activity. Eleven varieties of commercial coffee were analyzed along with the coffee consumption habits of the inhabitants of Navarra. The study discovered that espresso machines produce a drink with the highest anti-oxidant capacity, more than coffee produced by the Italian, filter and pump methods.  more>>>

Starbucks cutting 600 jobs, many in Seattle

Starbucks said Thursday it is cutting about 600 positions, some through attrition and about 220 through layoffs. No in-store employees were laid off, and the cuts are separate from Starbucks' plan to close about 100 underperforming U.S. stores this year.  more>>>

Indian Co-op Coffee House Marks Golden Jubilee

If you sip a cup of hot coffee at the Indian Coffee House, you contribute to the cause of the working class. The popular restaurant chain, run by workers’ cooperatives, marks its golden jubilee this year. There are about 70 Indian Coffee Houses in Kerala that dish out idli, dosa, vada, biryani and of course coffee among other things. But since the chain has branches all over India, the fare varies from region to region. more>>>

Prepare to Pay a Little More for Java

Coffee prices are on the march, and the costs of the milk, sugar and even paper cups also are climbing. But whereas other commodities such as copper or oil have been pushed up by demand from developing countries, coffee is a different case. Demand has only edged up, and much of the recent surge is because of speculators hopping into the commodity. more>>>

Battle Grounds: Competing with Starbucks

Successful coffee shops develop a loyal customer base that prefers the independent coffee maker’s brew over Starbucks’. They maintain a narrow focus and don’t try to imitate Starbucks in look or products. They benefit from a segment of consumers who will drink anything but Starbucks. more>>>

Uganda: Coffee Value Up By 25 Percent

Coffee exports in the first four months of the current coffee year jumped by 3.6% and 25% in volume and value respectively. A monthly report from the Uganda Coffee Development Authority said exports during the period stood at 1,005,834 bags worth $107.86m.   more>>>

Newly Harvested Coffee Beans Popular in Japan

Just like shimmai (newly harvested rice) or Beaujolais Nouveau, new coffee beans are beginning to enjoy high popularity in Japan. They seem to be attracting attention thanks to their fresh taste and people's strong preference for the first batch of beans. more>>>

Ethiopian Premium Coffee Prices Rise on Export Demand

Ethiopian premium coffee grades rose 8.9 percent to 16 percent in the 30 days through Feb. 7, as exports more than doubled, the Agriculture Ministry said. The price for Harar Grade Five rose 16 percent to $4,231.38 a metric ton during the period, which corresponds with the fifth month of the Ethiopian calendar. Yirgacheffe Grade 2 climbed 15 percent to $4,632.08 a ton and Sidamo Grade 2 increased 8.9 percent to $3,536.64 a ton. more>>>

Rwanda to Host 2009 Africa Coffee Meeting

Rwanda has been chosen to host next year's sixth African Fine Coffee Conference and Exhibition. The annual conference, themed 'A Coffee Journey to the Land of a Thousand Hills' will be held in Kigali as announced at the close of this year's conference last Saturday in Kampala, Uganda.